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Scorpion Grinder Parts

Find spare parts and accessories for your Scorpion Grinder here 

Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: SC005
This FLAT disk attachment bolts onto the drive wheel of most Fire Ant's (if your drive wheel has 5 M6 threads in it, it will fit) and all Scorpion grinders. 225mm diameter, to fit a standard sheet of paper.Use Feathering adhesive, or contact adhesive to stick sheets on.The disk is 4140 steel wi..
Ex Tax:AU$153.49
Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: SC001
Replacment Drive wheel for Scorpion Grinder. 250mm OD, crowned.Anodised 6061 aluminiumTo suit a 24mm motor shaft with 8 x 8mm Keyway.5 x M6 threadded holes to attach our disk grinder plate onto.Belt speed: at 2880 rpm (2 pole), 7500 SFMat 1440 rpm (4 pole), 3750 SFM..
Ex Tax:AU$308.77
Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: SC002
Replacement tracking wheel for the Scorpion Grinder. 125mm OD, 60mm thickslightly crowned.Anodised 6061 AluminiumIncludes 2 x 6201 high speed sealed bearings and solid spacer...
Ex Tax:AU$79.54
Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: SC013
This axle kit contains the axle, hardware and a spacer for to run your large contact wheels on your scorpion grinder.To suit 6202 bearings with a 50mm wide hub.Extra bearing spacers are available separately...
Ex Tax:AU$51.15
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