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Kelpie Forge

Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: G20
Heavy fire brick floor230 x 115 x 20 each.Rated 1460°cReplacement floor brick for the Kelpie forge...
Ex Tax:AU$17.27
K26 Insulating Fire Brick - 8 pack
2-3 Days
Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: G18
Pack of 8 K26 insulating fire bricks.230 x 115 x 75 each.Rated 1460°cThis pack is a complete replacement for a complete Kelpie forge, including 2 spare bricks to use as a front and rear door...
Ex Tax:AU$90.00
Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: Kelpie Forge - Basic
Gas Forge kitsWant to get into blacksmithing or knifemaking, but don't want to spend days sourcing parts, preparing and fabricating your own forge? This is the forge for you.The Kelpie, named after the quintessential Australian working dog. Known for being fast, reliable, and working hard all day, t..
Ex Tax:AU$418.18
Kelpie Forge second burner mount
Pre-Order, 2-3 weeks.
Brand: Fire pants Fabrication Model: G16
Burner mount, to suit the Kelpie Forge.Laser cut mild steel mount for running a second burnerIt has the option of straight and angled which places the burner on a 60° angle, to allow work with thinner materials making it perfect for knife makers. If you are changing from the vertical mount to the an..
Ex Tax:AU$19.09
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